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StickerMate is a stickers and labels printing company based in Durban, South Africa.

We understand how important it is to find quality stickers and labels, but not having to pay hectic prices for them.

We offer budget friendly labels and custom stickers for you or your business, in any quantities you require.

We care about your needs.

Be sure to check out our Products page for some examples of our personalized custom sticker art or stickers specifically used for Christmas or Valentine's Day and many other holiday themed stickers and labels.

Already have art for your custom sticker?

Not a problem. Either use our form on our 'How To Order' page or follow the STEP by STEP directions below so we can provide accurate pricing for your stickers.

How To Order Your Stickers

Looking to purchase some stickers?

We break down the process in easy to understand steps on how to get your stickers and fast.

Simply follow the STEP by STEP process below or use our Order form on our How To Order page

Reference Picture Icon

STEP 1: Reference Picture

The best place to start is with the image you want printed.

Do you already have an image you want printed? Then you can simply send that attached to your email, but be sure that it is either 300dpi quality JPEG/PNG or a PDF.

If you don't have an exact photo or picture you want printed, make sure to find images of similar stickers or artwork to help us when we quote you.

We can do custom artwork or recreations of stickers so feel free to ask if you don't have an exact image of your sticker.

Email Us Icon

STEP 2: Email Us

Send us an email with the following information:

- Dimension of the sticker (please provide the sizes in mm, eg. 50mm x 50mm)

- Quantity, aka how many stickers you need

- Hex Colour codes. This will help us make sure we print the right colours.

- The image/picture of the sticker you want. (If you want us to recreate or make a new sticker it will cost extra)

- Deadline. When do you need these stickers by?

- Do you need your order couriered to you or do you have a driver to come collect

Reply Email Icon

STEP 3: Reply Email From Us

We tend to answer emails quickly and if you were unable to provide certain information we will correspond with you to try figure out what exactly you want.

There may need to be a few emails back and forth in order to make sure we completely understand your needs and deadlines for your stickers.

Otherwise, if you provided us with all the information described in STEP 2 then the emailing process should go quickly, smoothly and easily.

Signed Form Icon

Step 4: Signed Document + Payment

Once we have made 100% sure we have the right artwork to print, we will send you an Artwork Confirmation Document to sign and send back to us. This is a document stating that any further changes you want to make to the stickers artwork will cost you extra.

Once we receive this document, we will send through an invoice with banking details.

We need a proof of payment PDF emailed to us before we can proceed with printing your stickers.

Printing Icon

STEP 5: Print Your Stickers

This may seem like the easiest step in process but depending on the quantity of stickers you have ordered, and how many other customers have ordered stickers at the same time, printing the stickers will take time.

However, we promise to get your stickers to you as soon as we can.

Collection Icon

STEP 6: Collection or Courier

We will keep you informed of the progress of your sticker order and once it is complete we will email you to let you know that it is ready to either be collected or if you have paid for us to courier your order we will send you the Waybill Tracking Number as soon as the courier has collected your order.

Be sure to let us know when you receive your stickers.

We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Is there a form I can fill in?

Yes, in fact there is.

Just use our Order form on our How To Order page


On our Celebrations page, you can find the different occasions that we cater to.

From Birthdays to Christmas and all the other holidays/special occasions in between.

We offer Gift Labels, simple button stickers with specific occasion themes and our own twist on the traditional Gift Labels...


and let's get you what you need for your favourite holiday

Floor and Wall Decor

On our Floor and Wall Decor page, we offer wall decals for all your rooms.

Looking for a statement piece for your lounge? or maybe your daughter needs something cute for above her bed?

"I'm looking for lounge decor"

"I'm looking for princess themed bedroom decor"


and let us help you turn your house into a home

Polaroid Stickers

At StickerMate we have taken the traditional Polaroid and turned it into a sticker.

Why?!  The classic look of a Polaroid but you can display it in your journal? or on your laptop? Why not?!

Stick a Polaroid of your family, your boyfriend or your best friend anywhere and enjoy.


to find out how you can get your hands on some Polaroid stickers

Bean There Cafe Business sticker
Lizzies Tea Room Business Sticker
Barber Business Sticker
Betty Ester Floral Services Business Sticker

Business Stickers

Looking for some stickers to put on your company packaging?

We can produce any size and any shape sticker or label that you may need.

Looking for something specific?

Check out our themed stickers for any specific holidays by clicking one of the images below.

Don't see what you are looking for on our Products page?

Drop us an email and let's see if we can organize custom sticker art for you.


Ah! The most festive time of year... and what better way to make your family feel special than using one of our custom Christmas Stickers???


Happy Birthday

Birthdays are always a fun time to express your happiness, love and pride for someone special in your life. It's always worth going that extra mile...

Valentine's Day

Giving a gift to someone you love can be made even cuter or dare we say, even more special by adding a few fabulous stickers or labels to your gift?


Happy Halloween

Halloween is a time for fun tricks and spooky laughter. A time where we all get to dress up and have a lot of fun with our friends.